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JuanaRank is The Number #1 Leading Social Media Marketing & Promotion Consortium for The Emerging Billion Dollar Crop, with Over 20 Million Following within our Reach on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube Combined we Guarantee Top Results. We here at JuanaRank believe in The Four P's of Marketing Management Which are Product, Place, Promotion, and Price with This Method Intertwined Online we are Confident in Fulfilling Every Companies Needs Accordingly.

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Planning & Strategy

Planning & Strategy

Defines who we are at JuanaRank, we believe we have your All-In-One Marketing Solution.

Our Company Structure & Design provides you nothing but desired results that we know we can prove for your satisfaction.

Community Management

Community ManagementOur Community Management handling provides positive social certainty in & out of the emerging market, with above and beyond enthusiastic social interaction.

We’ve done amazing miscellaneous¬†work in confidence for over 100+ active canna-businesses, resulting in many cases being very rewarding.

Social Media Promotion

Social Media Promotion

Completely executes over all marketing objectives for max results.

We specifically limit our social media platforms to 5 main networks which are Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, and Linkedin.

  • Increase Sales
  • Expand your Business
  • Legitimize your Brand
  • Help SEO, Web Traffic
  • Reach your Full Audience
  • Target Customer Audience
  • Increase Credibility Reputation
  • Create Meaningful Customer Relations
  • Client Feedback, Updates, Current Events
  • Increase Brand Awareness, Recognition, and Credibility
  • Improve your Business Methods to Compete Against Others
  • Helps Generate Leads, Connections, and More Opportunities
  • #1 in Industry
  • Most Professional
  • 24/7 Customer Support
  • Well Known Representatives
  • Marketing Manager Assistance






"Happy Monday to you too and thanks for the photo shopped pictures. I forgot to mention how pleased I am with the work, Looking forward to working together."
Alon Amit
Alon Amit, Canandia Bioceuticals
"Hey Charlie! We're looking good, your social media campaign is working out pretty good. I estimated 250 low-end for registrants, high-end 300 registrants, so 250-300 registrants. Right now there is about 295 which is my high-end, and I'm assuming we will pass 300 in another 15-minutes. Again, 300 was my high range, we're looking at maybe 350-400 hopefully by tomorrow which is out- it just blew my high range out of the water!"
Derwin Wallace
Derwin Wallace, Cannabis Investor Webcast & Conferencing
"Hi Charlie, It's been a good week at C3, thank you for marketing the oil information I sent you, I love the batman meme. Let's keep generating more ideas, to get all our creativity flowing!"
Steele Smith
Steele Smith, Idrasil Cannabis Tablets


Founder & CEO
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